Yining’s Test Drive :)

Yes, we have been missing again for the past one month. Too busy with work during the weekdays and my dear baby is taking up ALL my time during the weekends. 🙂 I’m not complaining.

For those who missed Yining, she’s almost 7 months old now, just a few more days to go. So we decided to get her a brand new ride.

Today, we brought her to Toys ‘R’ Us at Forum The Shopping Mall, for a ‘test drive’.

Yining likes her new found mobility very much, so much that she cried when we carried her out of the walker. We didn’t buy it though, because I found her back arching too much when she leaned forward. Prolong usage might not be good for her back.

So, we are going to carry on with the search for a better ride next week.

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