Yining’s First Visit To The Dentist

Ok. This is the sequel to Yining’s wobbly teeth. Yes teeth. Not tooth. There’s another one dropping off, so here we are at the dentist. 
We got her this appointment as soon as we realise one of the tooth is near falling out. We were not trying to save the teeth. Mummy and I wanted an assessment from the dentist because Yining’s losing her tooth at 4 years and 5 months. Given that Yining had her first tooth at 4 months, losing the tooth now is not unusual, but we wanted to ascertain whether it’s decay or natural dropping because the adult tooth is coming out. 
Prior to the teeth coming out, we couldn’t tell. Coincidentally, the tooth dropped this morning, so Dr Amanda (Pure Dental) managed to showed us this little bit of white coming out during the checkup. So yes, the new tooth is pushing the baby tooth out.
Now, because of this, we need to understand what are the effects of having, soon to be a pair of adult teeth growing out of a 4 year old jaw. Dr Amanda explained that the teeth are expected to be crooked, even for the rest of the teeth coming out subsequently. But as they grow up, the jaws will widen and the teeth will space out on it’s own. 
Dr Amanda (Pure Dental)  has experience with kids, so she knows how to allay their fear and apprehension before and during the treatment. She introduced the equipment and explained the steps to Yining before the treatment to get her prepared. For example, she let Yining touch the bristle on the scaling brush to let her have a feel of the machinery before sticking it into her mouth. How I wish we had such nice dentist in school during our time.
And prior to the visit, Mummy and I have also explained how things would be like at the dentist. She has seen pictures and videos of it so she’s more or less prepared mentally. I’m glad to say that Yining’s cooperative throughout the whole treatment. Even Dr Amanda said that she’s surprised that this is Yining’s first visit to the dentist.
This is Yining now, with pearlie-whites and 1 tooth less….
Another milestone in Yining’s growing up journey.

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