Yining’s First Time Tasting Baby Food

This is yet another one of Yining’s first tries.

Yining’s over 4 months now. So about 2 weeks ago we started to let her taste different food on the advice of our PD. This is to prep her for taking other food besides milks in the coming months.

Mummy and I bought one whole bunch of pureed fruit from Heinz from a baby fair for Yining. We decided to let taste abit of each during the weekends. Our first try was pureed Pear and Banana from Heinz.  Before letting Yining try it, I had to be the guinea pig. We wanted to make sure it isn’t too sweet or too strong in other taste before giving it to Yining. And actually, the taste isn’t fantastic, but it isn’t too strong tasting, which was our intention.

So here we go.

Do you think she’s enjoying her first attempt to taste baby food? I think she is, just that it’s a first time, so she’s not used to the taste. After all, she has not taken anything else other than milk from birth. And it’s actually quite interesting to see her scringe with every spoon fed, isn’t it? 😛

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