Yining’s First Haircut

This is long overdue. I will be posting more of Yining’s ‘first’ attempts over the last 3 weeks soon. Hopefully I can finish updating over this weekend.

Yining had thick hair from the time she was born, and over these few months, her hair has gotten much longer and thicker. She wakes up every morning with her hair standing up like this.
While it’s cute and amusing to have her hair all standing up, there’s another problem. The thick hair is making her perspire alot. Even at night with A/C on, the back of her head is always wet with her perspiration and as a result causes rashes. So we decided that she needs a haircut.
Yining was surprisingly cooperative during the haircut. Except still trying to play with us, she didn’t make a big fuss. I know majority of kids are afraid of having haircut. I have seen first hand accounts of children wailing at the top of their voices during haircuts. It was a relieve for us that she didn’t misbehave. 🙂
Anyway, this was the end result.

No, this is not my baby boy. This is still my dear baby girl, Yining. 😛

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