Yining's First Birthday!

It’s an overdue post again, one out of the very many posts that I’m supposed to update for Feb. 🙂

Yining turns 1 this year. A small step in her life and an unbelievable year for Mummy and me. Looking back the photos that were taken when she just arrived, we actually wondered how we managed to get here today.
IMG 0178
After experiencing the joy when we see her laughing, the anxiety when she falls sick, the excitement when she mouthed her first words, we finally understand how our own parents felt when we gave them the same emotional roller coaster ride when we were still the tiny bit like Yining now.
Anyway, enough of the emotional stuff. 🙂
On week before Yining’s actual birthday, we did the traditional Chinese customs rituals for 1 year old, like stepping on the Ang Ku Kueh, picking of items from a variety of things like pens, money, books supposedly to see her future.
That was the interesting part.  The first item she picked was money, then my credit card. Then a calculator and a pen. She picked all the good stuff. 🙂
We celebrated Yining’s birthday which falls coincidentally on Chinese New Year Eve this year. I decided to keep the celebration within the family because I want this first birthday to be personal and close.
Mummy ordered a very nice custom-made birthday cake with very nice figurines from Oven Creations. The cakes they make are really beautiful, so much that we wanted to preserve all the figurines.
IMG 0198
IMG 0203
Introducing the actors here: The Cow! That’s Yining, and therefore the largest of the figurines. Monkey’s Mummy, Snake’s me and Yining’s favourite cat from the void deck. 😛 The bee….extra. 🙂
We also got Yining a huge Dora balloon, almost as big as her. No photos to show unfortunately. I can’t remember why there’s no photo, hmm…
This is a start of Yining’s journey in life for many more years to come. Mummy and I will do our best make sure that Yining has a fantastic childhood and wonderful time growing up.
IMG 0191
Our big girl!


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