Yining’s First 2 Phrases

Our baby girl started mumbling the usual ‘ba ba ba’ ‘ah ah ah’ since she was like 5 or 6 months. We tried to educate her to say ‘Papa’ or ‘Mama’ or ‘Mum Mum’ at that time amidst the excitement but we just couldn’t succeed.

Last week was eventful. Yining was sick, we were all stressed up with anxiety. Fortunately, everything blew over. Then out of the blue, our baby girl uttered her first 2 phrases. First was ‘Mum Mum’ indicating that she wanted to eat. And the more important one was ‘Mama’.

At first we thought it just random mumbling while she attempted to learn to talk, but we confirmed a few times that she’s actually looking for Mummy when she said ‘Mama’. And she’s very gentle when she said that. Mummy’s heart melted she heard Yining calling ‘Mama’, mine too. 🙂

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