Yining The 管家婆!

I have been telling Yining to stay in her room these couple of days because of the haze. I told her that the air outside is dirty so she needs to stay in her room because she has a cough.
So, this morning Yining was trying to get Mummy to go inside her room. She repeated what I said, “外面臭臭,快点进来!” (Every smelly outside, come into the room now!). Mummy was busy with something else, so she told Yining she will go into the room in a while. The rascal kept repeating and urging Mummy to go inside the room, and so came the last straw.
She told her Mummy, “妈妈!我讲很多次了!快点进来!”.  That’s it. Mummy had to get moving immediately. 🙂

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