Yining's Year End Concert @ CGH Auditorium

Yining participated in her first Year End Concert from childcare she’s attending. She’s performing in the Nursery One Strawberry segment as a drummer.
CGH Childcare Year End Concert
We have seen a lot of kids in the past who are either frozen when they get on stage or starts crying. We were prepared to see such jitters from Yining. She’s only 3+ coming to 4, so we thought it’s inevitable when they are put in front of such a big crowd.
So, here comes the performance! We held our breath……

And to our surprise, no jitters! In fact all the kids are doing extreme well! Well done!
I guess kids these days are different in confidence level and every batch get better than the previous.
After the concert, we went around taking pictures with her classmates and friends. We rarely get to see the kids all dressed up so we had to take pictures. 🙂 This will also be Yining’s memories when she grows up. During our time, all we had was the ‘graduation photo’ with our classmates.
Yining With Her Classmate
This is the cute trumpeter you see in the video.
Yining with her teacher
Yining with another of her teacher
She took pictures with her teachers too.
It was an interesting event. Something interesting for the kids to remember and have fun at the same time. 🙂

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