Yining Taste Bud Level Up!

Yining has been adventurous with food since young. Mummy and I always advocated the idea that we should let Yining try whatever is permissible so that she can adapt easily wherever we bring her. So she has proved to be highly adaptable so far.

Because of our love for spicy food, Yining has already rubbed off a bit of this taste preference from us. She started with mild stuff and went on to curry and even Thai green curry. But lately she has levelled up a few notch!

Yining enjoying her mala hotpot and szechuan spicy chicken
Enjoying the spicy delicacies!

Yes. You are looking at mala hotpot (麻辣香锅) and spicy Szechuan diced chicken( 辣子鸡)! And this pot is medium spicy, which already exceeds the threshold for a lot of adults. But of course, we didn’t let her take too much of it. I don’t think her stomach can take it. And also, this is not exactly a very healthy dish. 😛

Anyway, the main point here is we want Yining to be adaptable and willing to try new things. It starts with food but the willingness to experiment and try has always been displayed on other aspects of her life. As for the hotpot, we won’t be having it anytime soon, or at least not with Yining sharing it with us. 😛

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