Yining @ Pasir Ris Park

I read that kids these days get short-sighted because they spend too much time indoor. And to make things worse, they either watch TV all the time, or are glued to gadgets like PSP/iPhone/iPad. I can’t imagine Yining wearing glasses at 2, so I try to make it a point to bring her outdoors every weekend.

2 weeks back, we brought Yining to Pasir Ris Park. She walking steadily now, so we decided to let her roam and explore on her own.

She also tried more ‘dangerous’ stunts like climbing up this higher slide with other kids. Kids learn from each other very quickly. When they see another one of them doing something, they imitate, so there she goes when she saw other kids going up the tall slide.

She also likes the swing.

Next update: Trip to the Water Playground @ the Zoo!

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