Yining Has Cravings Too!

Out of the blue, Yining kept asking for ‘Tuckieee, Tuckieeee’ and she keep sucking her fingers. For some reason she recognizes Kentucky (KFC) and she sucks her finger when she starts asking for ‘Tuckieee, Tuckieeee’. We have never brought her to KFC nor ate KFC with her, so my guess is that she learnt about it from TV advertisement. (The evil television).
On the way back home just now, she started asking for it again and started crying. So, to satisfy this very weird craving, we brought her to KFC and bought Snacker set to satisfy her. A KFC, she recognizes the logo and everything. Amazing. (The evil television again).
In the end, her “craving” was satisfied with a few pieces of french fries. 🙂 Mummy and I ate all the rest.
IMG 2915
I wonder what’s the next thing she’s going to ask for.

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