Yining's Graduation!

Yining has graduated from the Wiggles and Giggles unit from her Kindermusik class!Last Saturday, Yining attended her last lesson for this unit and there was a graduation ceremony for the children. It was quite amusing. Yining’s barely 21 months and she is already attending graduation ceremony.Here’s the video for the moment.Yining joined this class on the 4th session of this unit. There are in 15 lessons in total and this is 1 of the 4 units in the ‘Our Time‘ curriculum.The main objective when we enrolled Yining into this class, was to let her interact with other children of her age. We just wanted her to have fun. Along the way, we saw visible improvements in certain aspects. Her speech ability improved after 3 or 4 sessions. Through the coordinated singing and dancing, she became conditioned to perform certain actions in reaction to music and keywords. And of course, she had a lot of fun.We will be enrolling Yining for the next unit, which is Fiddle-dee-dee. More information on the curriculum here.

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