Yining's Going To Child Care

Finally, after a very long wait, Yining’s going to child care. She’s 26 months now, so it’s overdue by 8 months. We waited a good 8 months for a place in the child care in CGH. We visited a few child centers in the past, some of which had immediate vacancies but overall I was more comfortable with the environment at CGH.
So, today’s the start of a new adventure for Yining. Early in the morning, she gets up to brush her teeth.
Yining Brushing Her Teeth
Then Mummy got her all dressed up for her first day.
Yining In Her White Dress
There was a bit of resistance when we arrived in school, but Yining settled down pretty fast after that. I was originally quite worried that she might resist and start crying. Instead, the other kids who were there a week before her were howling away. It’s quite a chaotic scene. Thank goodness the chaos didn’t affect Yining much.
Because of her comfort with the environment, the teachers suggested we stay out of her sight. The original intention was to stay with her throughout the day to ease any anxiety, but since she was ok, we decided to step away. This was the only picture I took from a distance. No other pictures of her in action.
Yining @ CGH Playground
The rascal as usual, likes to wander. But she was was quickly caught and returned back to her group. But frankly speaking, the slide that her group was playing on was too small. That’s probably why she wandered off to the bigger slide that the older kids are playing on.

So I practically stayed out of sight for the next few hours. I anticipated that she might act up during the shower session, but she didn’t. Lunch time was uneventful as well. I was actually planning to bring her home after lunch, but teachers suggested that I leave her with the group for nap time since she’s coping ok, but we will play by ear. And as anticipated by the teachers and myself, she couldn’t get to sleep and since there was no other activities to distract her, she started to act up. And so it’s time for us to go home.
Yining Going Home From Child Care
This half a day of activities drained her energy, so much that she knocked out for 2+ hours after we reach 外婆’s place.
So, we are gearing up for Day 2. Hopefully she can nap abit before I bring her home. If she does, we will be on track for an entire day on Day 3! I’m keeping my fingers cross!

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