Yining's First Plane Ride

Happened on 5th of May 2013 at around noon time. Apprehensive, excited and worried, for us and Yining.  
Yining At The Airport
Yining at the airport
While she looks excited to be boarding the plane soon, she was also apprehensive at the same time. She told us she was a bit scared of boarding the plane.
Yining On The Plane
Yining On Plane
So on the plane, we made her comfortable, as comfortable as she could get. I got some maze games for her on the iPad Mini to keep her occupied and distracted for the journey. Kids as usual has short attention span, so I practically had to line up enough things to keep her occupied for the 5-hour journey. Fortunately, the iPad Mini and SQ’s in-flight entertainment were enough to keep her busy.
Camwhoring with Mummy
Some pictures taken with Mummy, enjoying it so far.
First Plane Meal
Yining's First Plane Meal
And she had her first meal. For some reason SQ said they did not receive my request for Kids Meals. Not attentive enough I must say. On the flight back the stewardess confirmed Yining’s meal the moment we boarded and got her the SQ kid’s drawing books and stuff even before we took off.
Distraction For Ger
After her meal, back to her maze. And shortly after she fell asleep.
The trip was generally ok except for a little episode when she woke up before landing. She refused to stay in her seat and wanted Mummy to carry her. On the other side, the SQ crew was urging us to secure her on the seat. I thought they could just exercise some flexibility for a 3 year old instead of telling us only children below 2 can be carried and secured with the auxiliary safety belt.
All in all, it was a new experience for Yining. We are looking forward to our next trip. 
And this is Yining, lugging her own luggage proudly at the airport!

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