Yining at Hay Goat Farm

Brought Yining to the Hay Goat Farm yesterday. We wanted to let her see the live goats and also try goat milk. Goat milk is nutritious for children and adult alike. Turned out, Yining did not like the milk very much. But it’s a first try. She might like it after a few more tries. 
Yining was pretty fascinated by the goats, especially when the young kids were going ‘meh meh meh’ all the way. It has been my intention to exposure Yining to nature all these while. Children these days do not get close to nature. Most are stuck to the TV or other electronic gadgets. Goat farm is stop number 1. It’s doesn’t really qualify as nature actually. We will carry to explore places soon, like Bukit Timah Hill, the boardwalks at MacRitchie Reservoir etc. soon. 🙂

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