Yining’s 3rd Birthday Celebration School – 1st Feb 2013

Yining’s 1st and 2nd birthday were celebrated at home with family. While she had fun blowing candles and enjoyed eating the cake, it was amongst us adult. Since she has gone to school and started to make friends, it makes perfect sense to have the celebration in school.
So for her birthday 3rd this year, we decided to have the celebration in her childcare so that she can have fun with her friends in school.
On the morning of the celebration, we sent her to school as usual. The celebration starts at 3pm which is teatime at the childcare. When we got to the childcare, Yining’s teachers have already set the tables for the celebration.
IMG 4113
On Yining’s request, we got her the Elmo cake decorators. The cake was a strawberry yoghurt cake. Very delicious, judging by how the kids were enjoying it after the cake cutting.
IMG 4124
IMG 4115
IMG 4118
These are the family pictures. Yining with Mummy and me.
IMG 4129
Yining with Grandma.
IMG 4130
Yining with her classmates.
IMG 4134
IMG 4136
Quite challenging to get all the children to look in one direction but you can see who are the naturals.
IMG 4144
Yining cutting her cake after the birthday song
IMG 4155
IMG 4156
We also prepared some small gifts for all the children in nursery classes. Kids being kids, they were all delighted to receive the small gift.
And that’s it. A Happy 3rd Birthday for Yining!

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