We Chiong Hong Kong – Day 1

This is again a very late post about our trip to Hong Kong last November. Ya…5 months late.

Anyway, the decision to Hong Kong was very much last minute. We got to know that another family was going to Hong Kong and probably going to Disneyland, so we thought we could let Yining join their kids there.

So, everything was planned and booked within days and few weeks later, we are on our way to Hong Kong on 9th November 2015.

Waiting For Check In At 10+pm

Yes. 10+ at night. We did something out of the norm this time. We are taking the midnight flight. This is something we would not do usually because of Yining. Kids can get difficult and unpredictable when they don’t get their rest. This time round, we thought we give it a try. She’s coming to 6 and we made provision to make sure that she gets her sleep. The flight is actually at 1:55am, so the check in time is 12 midnight. We were at the airport early because we don’t want to pull her out of her sleep. (Yining is usually asleep by 10pm latest)

Due to excitement, she didn’t fall asleep until we were waiting to board. Couldn’t take it anymore.
Succumbed to ZzzZzz Monster

A little interesting episode happened at the airport while we waiting….her rocking tooth dropped out.

Lak Geh
It didn’t take too long for her to fall asleep again after boarding. Hmm…Did we actually bring her stinky bolster on board the plane?!!?

We arrived in Hong Kong at about 6:30am. Yining has gotten about 3 hours of sleep on the plane.

Eyes cannot open

We quickly settled our Octopus card from the counter at the airport to catch the bus that goes to our hotel at Mong Kok. Just a little side note. Usually the first thing we do when landed is to get a prepaid data SIM card. This time round, we didn’t have to get it because Yining’s Ah Yee has gotten it for us. And there’s a new interesting option in Hong Kong called the i-SIM which is FREE. More information on this i-SIM from my blog.

Bus to Kowloon / Mong Kok / Tsim Sha Tsui

This is bus station outside the airport. It’s just a short walk out. At 6+ in the morning, this is the other option besides taxi. The route is pretty comprehensive. So up to this point, we are already pretty comfortable. I think we can do more overnight flights with Yining next time.

Where we are staying

The whole bus ride was about 40 mins and we reached Nathan Road at about 7:20am and met up with  Ah Yee. This A21 bus got us to a stop about 5 mins away from our hotel. We deposited our luggages at the hotel (check in’s at 3pm) and went for our first 茶餐厅 breakfast.

Right opposite Eaton Hotel

The original plan was to start our ‘chionging’ right after breakfast, but it was drizzling, so we adjourned to where Ah Yee was staying to wait for the weather to clear up.


Once the weather cleared up, we started our day. From Chung King Mansion, we can walk down all the way to a number of places. We wanted to go to Harbour City so we took a slow walk down towards Avenue of Stars en-route to Harbour City. The weather has cleared and the weather was fantastic.

The icon
Yining’s eyes still cannot open

Along the way, we came across this, another of Hong Kong’s icon.

We reached Harbour City in a while. Harbour City is a shopping mall, so it’s just….shopping. But once in a while they have some themes, like the Doraemon display and stuff. This time round was Disney.
After Harbour City, it was about 3pm, time to get back to the hotel to check in and also to meet up with the other family. They took the morning flight at 10+am, so they lugi half a day. 😛 The other family is actually Mama’s auntie. They have a pair of kids, with the younger one just 2 years older than Yining. So, the kids are Mama’s cousin, which makes Yining their niece. Lol! So we have another one of Yining’s 小阿姨.
Yining and her 小阿姨 at The Peak

So after we settled down at the hotel, 2 family embarked on the planned itinerary. The plan was to go to The Peak and then to Avenue of Star to see the Symphony of Lights light show.

As everyone knows, the good thing about staying in Mong Kok area is that it’s convenient to go places, either up north or down south to Hong Kong island. The caveat is that there is a lot of walking. Walking to train station, up and down the train stations etc. Some folks told me it’s going to be a bit tougher with a young kid in tow. Well, for this, I must say proudly say that Yining has no problem. Our last trip to Taiwan in May 2015, it was a lot of walking too. We clocked average of 6-7km of walking per day based on my fitness tracker. Anyway, we went by MTR to Central Station and then walked to the tram station that would take us to The Peak.

The queue was moderate at the tram station. We chose to miss one tram to make sure the kids had seats.

Queue at tram station

There was mixed of amusement, amazement and apprehension from the kids. Now, like I said, we missed one tram thinking we could board ahead of others (and we were right in front) to get seats for the kids. Well, we were wrong. Let’s just say I had to muscle some people away from trampling on the kids. Lol!

The Peak

It was good experience for Yining and friends to be on the tram. After which at The Peak, the weather was cold and breezy. I think it was around 16°C. My favourite kind of weather. Yining was wearing the thermal wear from Uniqolo + long sleeve T-shirt and a cardigan. That worked pretty well for her.

From The Peak, we took a bus down to the pier at Central. Instead of train or bus, we wanted to take the Star Ferry across to Kowloon. Again, it’s for the experience. The ride was cheap at HKD $2.50 and it’s payable with the Octopus Card.
On Kowloon / TST side, we went to Avenue of Star, watched the Symphony of Lights and called it a day.
Oh. And for some reason, my windbreaker became Yining’s. Quite cool ya?
Day 1 成功!

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