Things That Go Through Their Mind

Interesting things go through minds of kids. Like for Yining, I sometimes wonder where she got those ideas from.

Just yesterday, she overheard me telling Mummy that I’m going for blood donation some time these 2 weeks. She had some interesting thoughts after that.

Firstly, she recalled that I have already done my donation and asked why I needed to do it again. That was quite a long time ago. Then she said I’m shouldn’t go for the donation because taking blood out will make me sick. I explained to her that it’s ok and I’m actually giving blood to save people like those operation scenes she likes to watch. (Yes, she likes to watch bloody operation scenes). For a moment she seem convinced, then she started again, saying that I have already done it and I don’t need to do it again. And again, it’s going to make me sick. Seeing that she’s visibly worried, I told her I won’t be doing it for the time being.

I’m seriously curious where she got all those reasoning from. I also think that we should take time to talk to children without any agenda. Talking to them actually picks their mind and help them sort out their thought process. And above all, it’s actually quite entertaining.

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