Swimming – Week 7

See the white swimming cap bobbing up and down? That’s Yining. This is her 7th swimming lesson, 7th week into learning to swim. She has lost her float and swimming breadth of the pool. In fact she can do 100m non stop without much effort. 
She enjoys water very much, so we are swimming twice a week whenever possible over the last 7 weeks. She’s quite persistent in learning to swim, though I have to keep pushing her at the side to execute her moves properly.

I must say I’m pretty impressed, considering that some of the older kids in the more senior class are still having problems doing their 100m. Too bad we didn’t capture her smug face when her instructor told her to demonstrate to her class and praised her for doing well. Lol!

Well done! Let’s do 200m non stop this weekend. 😛

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