Seoul + Jeju – Lotte World

Whenever we travel, we always try to make 1 day a theme park day. So for this trip, we went to Lotte World. We got our tickets from Klook. The tickets there are heavily discounted. In Lotte World’s case it was like 40% off. The original ticket price would have been 60 odd SGD, so we saved a total of close a 100 bucks here.

The tickets are to be collected at the South Gate, which is actually the main entrance. Take note, do not join the ticket queue for Klook ticket redemption.

I took this picture from the inside. There’s another counter in the room for redemption of tickets.

Once in, we caught hold of the 2 mascots to let Yining take her picture.

The indoor area for Lotte World is huge. This is the central area/podium or whatever you call it. Other the amusement facilities, I think the biggest highlight is probably the ice skating rink. I wanted to sign Miss Yining up the lesson but she didn’t want to try. Spoil plan. I thought I can send her into the rink and relax at a corner for a while. 😛

Because we didn’t eat a proper breakfast, we headed to find food immediately. We walked around and went for the most visible one and easiest to order presumably ie. fast food.

We ordered something with a lot of cheese. Too much until Yining couldn’t handle it. Lol!

Yining started with something mild. Then we move on to those 4D ride, which is actually rides with pre-virtual reality days tech. Nothing exciting. Only thing is the 3 consecutive made me realise that either I’m out of shape of Koreans are very slim. Very squeezy. Lol!.

Next we went to this hot air balloon thing which is one of the highlights in Lotte World. The ride will give you the view of the indoor area of the park

But in our opinion, the real highlight is going past the exciting rides and see people screaming! Like this.

We went for this ride too. The queue was crazy. Took us like 40 mins to go for one round. It was exciting at the same spot we saw people going down.

One of the fun part for us is the mirror maze. This is the first time for the whole family. We have not tried the mirror maze anywhere else before. At the door, the attendant gave us plastic gloves and told us to touch while we move along. I understand it’s quite confusing but I didn’t think it was very hard. And I was wrong. Lucky part was we learnt from the group before us. Lol!. Watch the video and somewhere at the end you hear a loud bang. Yes, that was people slamming themselves on the mirror.

The rest of Lotte World was pretty much photo taking for us. The rides took a bit too long and some rides are above height limit for Yining. So in the end we called in a day at about 4pm.

Lotte World would be more entertaining for smaller children and young teens probably. Yining’s at the awkward age where she outgrows the smaller rides but is still too short (>1.40m for Lotte World) for the more exciting ones, so I would say she didn’t enjoy it as much as other places like Kidzania and Legoland.

Next trip, wherever we go, hopefully she can start going for the real deal.

We ended this day earlier and went back to our apartment to have our dinner or 7-11 food because we were too lazy to come out to look for food at night. :p

For the next day, we will be heading to Gimpo Airport to meet up with Yining’s Ah Yee for our flight to Jeju!

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