Seoul + Jeju 2018 – You Got To Love The Beaches

This is continuation from the eventful mountain drive. The itinerary was originally to cross the mountain to Seogwipo and go transparent kayaking at one of the rivers. Unfortunately when we got there, we discovered that we might have came to the wrong place.

Anyway, the first thing to do is to top up our little girl’s tummy since she puked her breakfast on the mountains. Something interesting here. Yining’s favourite food this trip is man-du (饺子) and she simply adores those from the convenience stores

After the quick meal, we around taking photos. While didn’t get the transparent kayak, we still did our tourist thing.

We moved on after that for another beach, the Woljeongri Beach. This time round, I didn’t cross the mountain. I took a longer route, going round the coast. No more puking episode.

And along the way we stopped at another random place for lunch. I think the joy of self driving is having to freedom to decide where I want to go to and where I want to stop.

Seafood Soup!
Abalone with Urchin Soup!

The soup at this restaurant is really good. Cold weather plus the puking this morning, the soup really warms up the tummy.

Along the coastal road, I discovered that there are small enclaves of communities which could be quite interesting. We even spotted the “haenyo” grandmas going out for their dives.


We had some closer look when they walked past our car. Most of them are in their 60s, some maybe even 70s. The water is definitely very cold given the weather those few days, so the water must be chilly too. But everyone of them looked strong and robust. The spirit is really admirable.

And finally, we reach Woljeongri Beach. And I must say we are damn lucky. After a few days of gloomy weather, the sun is finally out in full blast.

Clear Blue Sky!

The first instinct upon reaching this beach is to jump into the water…and immediately jump out of it. Why? It’s so cold!!! It’s like putting our feet into iced water.

Enjoying the beach and the sun!

The water at this beach is so clear and clean. And you don’t see rubbish on the beach. I think the Jeju residents have done a good job in protecting their environment, considering that they get 15 million tourists a year. And if you noticed the windmills in the pictures, I was told that Jeju relies completely on clean energy sources from the windmill. Isn’t that cool?!

We left this beach unwillingly because there’s another destination we had to head before it closes. It’s another tourist place, called the G-Dragon cafe.

Apparently this is a landmark.

To be frank, I was pretty disappointed with this place. Other than the Instagram worthiness, it’s really nothing to shout about. I came here expecting to get dinner just to realise that they only serve cakes and beverages.

We explored the neighbour anyway and found that this is again a community on it’s own. There are some pretty interesting restaurants and cafes here but all of them close early. As early as 7pm. I wonder why.

We were pretty famished so we left this area in search of our dinner. And along the way, we found this Italian restaurant. After eating abalones consecutively for a few days, we thought it’s good to have a change.

After this sumptuous dinner, we adjourned back to the BNB for our final night of rest before we head back to Seoul.

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