Seoul + Jeju 2018 – No More Mountain Driving

We had experience some years back when we went to Taiwan where Yining got motion sickness in the car when we were ascending and descending the mountains. It was so long ago when she was so young, so I thought I tried my luck again and we didn’t have much luck. 😛

To get from Aewol (BNB) to Seogwipo, the fastest way was to drive across Mount Hallasan. If we drove along the coast or other road, the trip is going to take us almost double the time.

When we ascended the mountain, the weather started to act up. It was drizzling and fog started to form. It was the first time I was driving in such condition. The visibility was pretty bad. I could hardly see the car infront. So the twist and turn + ups and down + the slow drive = Very bad puking. To add to the panic, we were in the mountains so I didn’t know where to stop. Imagine my relieve when we came across a convenience store. I stopped there immediately to let Yining take a break. Mummy and Ah Yee wasn’t feeling that good too I could tell. This was actually quite a bad start for the day.

We took quite a long break at the convenience store and moved on. We had to get out somehow. The mist was thickening and I was worried that it might rain then we are going to be stuck for a longer time.

Fortunately, for the next 30 mins or so, the road wasn’t so bad anymore. And it was a great relief when I finally hit flat land. While the mist was still there, there were no twist and turns.

On hindsight, I think I under estimated the mountain journey. I thought having a SUV, the ride would be better. I guess the altitude + the twist and turns are still the killer. No more mountain driving.

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