Seoul + Jeju 2018 – Jeju Underground Mall and Some Random Beach

After our lunch of squirming abalones, we headed back to Jeju city centre for the Jeju Underground Mall. We were told that it’s a good place to shop.

So we park the car in the neighbourhood wandered around. And to our surprise, we found this shop that was featured in the show Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast. The unique thing about this shop is the width. It’s like about 1.6m across.

Narrow Shop In Jeju
Just slightly wider than Yining’s body width
Featured in Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

After a short walk, we arrived at the underground mall. And it’s as good as it looks. *Read: no point going*

We got out of the mall pretty quickly, took a walk in the neighbourhood and decided to leave for somewhere else.

So in Jeju, the common thing is beaches, so beaches we go.

This beach was more interesting. The sand is dark colored, presumably due to the volcanic remains. Our dear Yining spent quite a long time there just playing with sand. We don’t get alot of this in Singapore and even when we go to the beach, we don’t get such fine sand.

After the beach, we were going to adjourn back to the BNB to rest. I decided to take the coastal road instead of driving through the towns and city and it proved to be a fantastic choice.


I later understood that there are enclaves of communities along the coast of Jeju, particularly on Aewol side. This was the first that I discovered. We stopped to take pictures of the sunset and grabbed some snacks for dinner.

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We ended our day here after the sun completely set and headed back to the BNB to take our rest in preparation for the next day’s programmes. And the following day turned out to be quite an unforgetable experience. Lol!

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