Seoul + Jeju 2018 – Jeju! Here We Come!

30th May 2018 – We are finally headed for Jeju!

Like I said previously, Hyori’s Home Stay is the show that got us to finally make up our mind to go to Korea and Jeju.

Our flight to Jeju is at 1pm, so technically we have to be at the airport at about 11am but Ah Yee (Yining’s Ah Yee) has landed at Incheon at 8am so we decided to go to Gimpo airport earlier to meet up with her.

We took a 10mins walk from our apartment to Lotte World to catch the Korean Air Airport Limousine to Gimpo Airport. They call it a limousine but it’s actually a bus. A comfortable bus though. The fare for adult was 7,500 won and 4,500 won for children. The thing about Korea is that they have children fare even for airlines. Asiana and Korean Air both has discount price for children under 12.

The journey to the airport took us about 50 mins. Ah Yee arrived shortly and we went for our brunch at the airport cafe.

Yining and I shared the beef soup with rice. One thing about Yining is that she’s quite adaptable. Other than not eating prawn and mushroom, she eats pretty much everything. And she enjoys soup like I do.

In Gimpo airport near our boarding gate, there’s this 7-11. I think they anticipate travellers packing food to be eaten on board their flights, so they have a wide selection of ready to eat food.

The flight to Jeju was a very short one, took us about 55 mins. Faster than my ride from Incheon Airport to Seoul.

So like I said in my first post of this Seoul + Jeju series, I will be self driving in Jeju. The arrangement here is interesting. We are supposed to take a bus to the various rental company to collect the cars. The bus pick up point is across the departure hall of the airport. Initially I thought it’s like 2-3 companies. But at the bus park I realise there’s are 8 or 9 of them. So here, you have to ask the Korean uncles which bus to take because everything is in Korean.

To drive in Korea, you will need an international driving permit. This is verified at the car rental. Without it, no car collection.

This is the car that I rented. First time driving on the left.

For Jeju, We are also staying in a bed and breakfast. This bed and breakfast is in this area call Aewol along the coast on the north western part of Jeju. The drive from the rental company to the bnb is about 40 mins. I rented an English GPS for 10,000 won for the entire 4 days. The GPS uses phone number to locate places. So as long as you have the phone number, there’s no need to worry about locating the place you want to go. The drive there was uneventful. I just had to mindful whenever I turn.

The front view of the bnb

This bnb is like a boutique hotel. There are multiple rooms of different sizes. Our room is a loft unit again, just bigger this time to accomodate 4 of us.

Loft again

By the time we settled in, it was about dinner time, so we took a short walk to a nearby restuarant introduced by the owner of the bnb.

It was a short walk on the coastal road. The weather was chilly, probably about 18-19 degrees Celsius.


This restaurant that we are going to is call Zzim. The specialty dish is beef ribs with octopus and abalone.

This is the first restaurant meal we had in Korea, so we happily ordered a set of 3-4. When the meal was served, we realise the set is actually good to feed 5-6 people! Lol. On top of the main dish, we ordered seaweed rice ball, but you have to roll the balls yourself. Miss Yining got to try mixing the rice and making the balls.

We couldn’t finish the whole set, so we had to take away and I’m in awe of the service standard. The left over of about 7 – 8 pieces of ribs were repacked nicely, with fresh sesame sprinkled over. It looked as good as the fresh dish they served on table.

The restaurant’s setting was laid back and pleasant and they kept some cats.

After the meal, we took a short drive to a nearby cafe.

This is a cafe chain in Korea, so you see this brand at a lot of places. The cafe overlooks the sea so it’s a pretty nice place to chill. We didn’t stay for too long. We just did some quick planning for the next day’s plans and adjourn back to the bnb. Day 2 of Jeju – We are going to Innisfree and the Tea Museum.

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