Seoul + Jeju 2018 – Innisfree and Live Abalone Lunch!

This is Part 1 of Day 2 in Jeju. We have a full day today. The plans today is to go to Innisfree and the Osulloc Tea Museum. From our BnB, it’s about 40 mins drive. Breakfast is served at the BnB from 730am to 9am, so we started our day early with the breakfast.

Breakfast was simple. Toast, ham, corn soup and some salad and fruits. The vegetable served is home grown in the backyard of the BnB.

We took a 40 mins drive to reach our firt destination for the date. The Osulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree. These are the must-go tourist places on Jeju island.

The weather was chilly, probably about 15 – 18 degree celsius and drizzling a bit. That’s why our dear Yining is all wrapped up. The tea display didn’t get much of Yining’s attention. She’s more interested in trying the tea and of course the other tea derived food and beverages at the cafe.

Ice cream, ice blended and cake. All from green tea
Enjoying the ice blended drink

After the food and drinks, we took a short walk to the Innisfree Cafe. The highlight at this cafe is the soap making. You need to buy a pack of the soap, then you can row and knead your soap into the design that you want.

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After the soap making, we went out to take touristy pictures in the tea plantation. I think this tea plantation is purely for tourist to take pictures. I doubt that they will harvest from this plantation for consumption.

After all the photo taking, we went for our lunch at this laid back restaurant that was out of nowhere. It not that famous among tourist but I think it’s popular among locals. So must be authentic and good right?

Over here they serve live abalone soup and black pork.

The abalone is really live and squirming when we cook them. It’s rather cruel. I’m making a mental note for not eating seafood in this manner in the future. That said, the soup is very delicious.

Ok. That’s it for now. This is the first half of the day. There are more coming. More abalone. More food!

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