Seoul + Jeju 2018 – Bye Bye Jeju! Hello Seoul!

After the 3 days 2 nights in Jeju, we are headed back to Seoul for another 3 days. We had our breakfast at the BNB and went around to take some more picture. It was rather foggy. 

We returned the car at the rental company and took their shuttle bus back to the airport.

This trip to Jeju is really enjoyable. Although we didn’t get much sun those few days but the climate was really comfortable. And the local enclaves and communities are interesting. As I have mentioned before, every trip we go, we try to experience the local life. The whole family agreed that we should come again and spend more time exploring the island.

The leg in Seoul, we were staying in Skypark II in MyeongDong. There are a couple of hotels around this whole shopping belt. We quickly dropped off our baggages and head out for a walk around the shopping belt.

So basically in Seoul, our agenda was pretty simple. Go shopping, go palace, go for food. 😛 So I can basically condense the last leg of Seoul trip into 1 post.

The Palace – Gyeongbokgung

This is a must do thing for first time visitors for Seoul I guess. First you get yourself dressed in hanbok

Korean Girl

Then you take pictures with the palace guards.

Then take more pictures in the palace.

Weather was too hot so we retreated after an hour or so

The Food

Samgyetang or Ginseng chicken at Tosokchon Samgyetang Chicken

Other than serving ginseng chicken, they also serve the signature roasted chicken and complimentary ginseng wine. 

Mandu at Kyoja in Myeongdong

I think there are more than 1 outlet in Myeongdong. I thought I walked past another one while shopping. Anyway, this shop is crowded because the food is really good. I would go back there if I visit Seoul again.

Cold Crab at Pro Soy Crab

What they do is they marinate the raw crab in soy sauce and serve it cold. It was very tasty. Especially when you mix the roe into the rice. Wow…still salivating when I think of it. It’s quite pricy though. 

The Loot!

Strangely, we did not take a lot of pictures. But we basically spent a fortune at Lotte Mart and Lush.

So last 3 days in Seoul was basically just shopping, sightseeing and eating. Didn’t really do too much touristy stuff. Miss Yining basically enjoys the food mostly. And as you can see, we really enjoyed Jeju more than Seoul.

That’s it for Seoul and our trip Korea. We are already planning for another trip to Korea. This time maybe more time in Jeju and probably going to Busan. Till then!

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