Post vaccination fever

Prior to Yining’s vaccination, we were already preparing for her to run a fever after the jab. I’m pretty paranoid about fever because a colleague’s baby contracted meningitis and had to be admitted to hospital for 3 weeks. My colleague was pretty shaken and reminded me to be extra careful about fever.

Anyway, we gave Yining Panadol for infants when we got back home from the clinic. She was still as playful, and didn’t show any signs of fever. Huge relief for me and Mommy.

Unfortunately, her fever started at about 9pm at night. We took the first reading and it was 38.1 degree celsius. We quickly gave her another round of Panadol and settled her to sleep. After that we were taking temperature at regular intervals.

I guess the medication kicked in after 1am. Her temperature was at about 37.5 degree celsius and hovering around that. Finally at 4am, it was back to about 36.9 to 37.2. That was a safe range since we always take her temperature even when she was well.

Despite having anticipated the fever, we were still thrown off guard. We still need to continue with the taking of temperature because some babies can continue to have the fever on and off for the next 2 days or so.

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