Penang 2019 – We Are Back Again

This is the 3rd time we are in Penang over the last 4 years. Penang is where we go for a short, laid back getaway. For the last 2 trips, we stayed at this nice boutique hotel call Le’Dream in Georgetown. This hotel is right smack in Georgetown and you can practically walk to most of the murals and recommended attractions.

Le Dream – A quaint hotel with warm staff and hospitality

This time round, we decided to try out AirBNB for the vain factor because there are so many of them that are so Instagrammable.

AirBNB has been the choice of accommodation during our last trips to Korea and Taiwan. There’s a $45 discount for your stay if you use my link here to sign up for AirBNB – Sign up Link

This place is at Maritime Square, out of Georgetown. It has restaurants, bubble tea shops, cafes, convenience stores right at the door step. It’s like you can just slack there for a couple of days. Location wise, Penang is not a very big place so anywhere in Georgetown or surrounding area is like 10 mins away.

Anyways, like I said this is our 3rd time, so it was a very relaxed trip. We first caught up with museums that we didn’t go to the last time, which is the Wonderfood Museum. To be frank, I didn’t find out about the place before going. I thought it was just a tourist and kid thing. I was so wrong.

This museum commissioned various artists and professionals to get this done. And the theme is more than food heritage. There are also themes on health, food wastage etc.

The quality of the art pieces is impeccable. Can you even tell that these are not real?

There are a lot of more, show casing the food heritage in Penang. Do not go with empty stomach.

Oh, many of the art pieces are XXXXL size. So yes, we got goofy.

Then after looking at the fake food, we need to go for real food. Part of theme this trip was to go cafe hopping. So our first stop was at Lavish.

Another cafe that we went to on another day, was an interesting one. We were brought to a private residential estate based on the location on Grab’s map. I was swearing under my breathe, until I took a closer look and discovered the cafe in a residence.

Other than cafe, we went to coffeeshops too for simple meals where meals for 4 can be settled for less than 20RM / 7 SGD

This time round we went only a bit of the touristy places and basically spent quite a bit of time lazing in the apartment. A number of our meals were settled there.

One day was Korea BBQ at Sae Ma Eul BBQ

Yining mixed the rice for us like she did in Korea. One thing in Malaysia is that the price is like half of that in Singapore. That’s why I go for Korean BBQ even when I go to Johor.

Another day we had this messy, all over the table seafood dish. This one is quite mediocre so I won’t mention the name.

And the last day, we had this Indonesian rice. I don’t know if I can call this Nasi Padang. This one is good, but I forgot the name! It’s at Maritime Square. You won’t miss this. They are right beside the crab place.

So, yeah. This is it. Our 4D3N to Penang. Mostly about food. Are we going back to Penang again next year? Maybe not. Ipoh should be next. 🙂

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