Our Taiwan Holiday – Part 1 of Day 3

*WARNING* : Make sure you have a high speed internet access because I’m going fill this whole blog post with TONS of pictures! 🙂
7th May 2013 – Our 3rd day in Taiwan.
Day 2 was eventful. I won’t say disastrous, but it was quite an experience. Come Day 3. Our itinerary for the day is as follows
1. Take a 40 mins drive up the mountain to one of the peaks (武岭) at 3275m above sea level.
2. Go to 青青草原 and 清境牧场 to visit the sheep farm.
3. Visit 小瑞士花园.
4. End the day at 庐州温泉.
I woke up in the morning and looked out of the window. It was already very bright. We were supposed to meet the driver at 9am. The first thought was, have we overslept?! Checked the time, 5:30am. Stepped out of the cottage to take a picture. Yes, it’s 5:30am in the morning.
5.30am at Shangrila Hanging Gardens
Yining has the habit of waking up early, so she woke up shortly as well. The sun and temperature was great, so we went out to take some pictures. I think the temperature was about 20 degree celsius?
Early in the morning
Yining collage
I think Yining had a good night sleep. She loves cool temperature and sleeps very well when it’s cool. The weather was bright and sunny but very cooling, really fantastic compared to the previous day when it was cold, dark and wet.
We went on to have our breakfast andwaited for our guide to pick us up for our first destination. While waiting, we took pictures.
The home stay
Yining was in a really good mood for taking photos.
Yining mummy daddy collage
Shortly after our guide came and we move out to the first destination. But before we moved off, I actually had a short discussion with my guide to decide whether to skip the first destination. Why? Because it was a 40mins drive up and mountains and I was terribly worried that the vomiting episode would repeat. We eventually decided to go ahead, but we will monitor the situation along the way to make sure Yining was comfortable.

At this point in the video, we are about 2500m above sea level. It was actually not too comfortable because part of the motion sickness set in, maybe because of the anxiety that Yining might be uncomfortable. But when we finally made it to the peak at 3275m, the discomfortable disappeared immediately.
The scenery at the peak was breathtaking. The pictures probably do not do enough justice to the actual scenery. The temperature was at about 11 degree celsius. It was very amusing when Yining got off the car. At first she was very elated with the cold temperature, then suddenly she realised that it was really cold and quickly ran to Mummy and me for warmth. Because the air is thin, we had to keep reminding Yining not to run about. Mummy, who isn’t really a fan of nature was also overwhelmed by the scenery.
Highest Point at 武岭
Yining and Mummy at 武岭
We spent a good half an hour or so before our guide told us we had to leave because mist was forming up. He was worried that if it got too thick, we might have problems going down the mountain, so no choice, we had to move on.
The next destination we are going to, is halfway down the mountain. The place is called 清境牧场 and 青青草原, which is an open concept farm with sheep roaming around freely. That’s supposedly the highlight of the tour for Day 3, because Yining has been nagging about going to feed the sheep even before we departed for Taiwan. 🙂
And so, we took about 30mins drive or so downhill to the farm and here we are. This was what greeted the moment we stepped into the farm.
Sheep roaming
The sheep there are very intelligent. The moment I got near the vending machine to buy the food for feeding them, they started crowding around me. I had to quickly walk away and divert their attention. There’s no way Yining could feed the sheep if the whole lot crowded around her. So I had to walk around and hunt for loners. And we found one.
Yining feeding sheep
Yining was a little apprehensive at first, but she got the hang of it very quickly. The only problem is that, in between feed, the sheep got very anxious and kept going for Yining’s hand. It was an amusing moment because Yining was shouting at the sheep saying : “Wait! Wait! Why you cannot wait! Naughty 羊羊!” Her tone was exactly the way we told her off when she gets impatient. Now we use that as her reminder when she gets impatient. 🙂
The farm was huge! So we spent quite a bit of time walking around feeding sheep and enjoying the sun under the nice cool weather. After which, we took a walk to 青青草原,which is adjacent to the farm. But in between, we took a short break at the local market.
Yining with ice cream
Yining had this ice-cream with frozen sheep milk in the middle. Very tasty!
Next stop at 青青草原 was another unforgettable place.
The grassland and the sky
Beautiful Hill and Sky
Beautiful sky and weather. Any picture taken there is naturally beautiful. I don’t even need much skill for taking the pictures. We took loads of pictures there.
Yining and Mummy posing with the egg rolls we bought.
Posing again
Family Shot
Our family shot. Not sure what Yining was looking at. 😛
Yining with windmill
Yining was voluntarily taking a lot of pictures. Guess she like the scenery too. 🙂
Yining With Mummy
Very nice backdrop. Too bad Yining was looking elsewhere.
Daddy doing the gyiyomi
Doing the Gyiyomi, on request of Yining. Not very me, but my girl wants it. What to do? 🙂
We spent more than 3 hours total at 青青草原 and 清境牧场. Just these 2 place is already worth the trip driving up and down the mountain. But at the end, there’s a little surprise.
Long flight of stairs
487 Steps Down
We had to take this long flight of stairs down the hill. 487 steps. Sweat!
We still have 2 more destinations to go before we end the day, so I will leave that to Part 2 of Day 3!

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