Our Taiwan Holiday – Day 2

Day 2 of our holiday – 6th May 2013.
On arrival at our hotel the previous day, I contacted our private driver cum guide that I have hired prior to arrival in Taiwan. For the next 4 days, he will be with us based on an itinerary that he has suggested beforehand.
First thing in the morning is breakfast time of course. Yining already has her request. She wants eggs, ham, toasted bread with margarine and corn flakes. 
Yining's Breakfast at Grandee
At 9:30am, we met the guide 小胖 at the hotel entrance. He drives a 7 seater, which is comfortable for 3 of us and has sufficient space for all our luggages.
And look at Shilin Night Market in the morning. Stark difference from the night scene.
Shilin Day vs Night
Our first destination is 埔里酒厂, which we will pass by on the way to our home stay. This is a more of a tourist thing where we get to understand their 100 year old local industry. The only thing that appealed to Yining? The snacks that we got to try. 🙂 And of course, we did the tourist thing, take pictures.
At Pu Li Winery

We had lunch at a local stall before moving on to our next destination, the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area.This was the eventful part. The journey there was like going through roller coasters. The reserve sits at about 1200m above sea level. We over estimated Yining’s tolerance for such journeys. Halfway through the journey, she got uncomfortable and vomited. It was quite a bad mess. We had to change her in the middle of the winding roads. And when we finally got there, it started to rain. In the anxiety to get Yining to the shelter, I forgot that we were at 1200m above sea level. Air was thin. I was running while carrying Yining. I almost couldn’t catch my breath after that.
Because of the rain, I decided to cut short the itinerary for Day 2 and call it a day. We went straight to check in at the resort and I’m certainly glad we did.
Shangrila Hanging Garden
This the resort that I booked. It’s a home stay kind of place, which is now very popular in Taiwan. This place has received very good reviews from the accommodation to the food and staff etc. And I must say the Taiwanese are really good hosts. They certainly lived up to their reputation. This home stay is European-themed. The rooms were like cottages and the furnishing had a rustic feel. The temperature then is about 18 degree celsius outside due to the rain, but inside the cottage it was comfortable, not too cold. 
Shangrila - Inside the roomShangrila - Inside the roomShangrila - In the room
After a short break in the room, we went for our dinner provided by the resort.
Dinner at Shangrila
Dinner at Shangrila
Dinner was great. How do we know for sure? Yining was enjoying every bit of it. 🙂
Mummy Serving Yining Her Dinner
IMG 0165
It was an eventful day that ended well fortunately. We had an early night rest because it’s going to be a long day on the following day. We are going to sheep feeding! 🙂

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