Our Taiwan Holiday – Day 1

Day 1 – 5th May 2013.
Yining took her first plane flight, and where did we go? Taiwan!
Last year Mummy and I tried to plan an overseas trip, but we ended up going for a cruise because we weren’t too confident about bringing Yining abroad. Things like her health (She had a tendency for fever at that time) and whether she was able to appreciate the trip etc. Well, the 2nd point was proven to be wrong during the cruise trip. Yining totally enjoyed it and had very deep impressions of the trip.
This year, Mummy and I decided that it was time for us to bring her to a farther destination away from home. After considering places like Japan and Hong Kong (Disney Land), Australia and Taiwan (Farm Stay), we decided on Taiwan. Firstly, flight was less than 5 hours, so it shouldn’t be too stressful for a first time flyer. Secondly, a lot  of friends recommended Taiwan as a place to bring young kids for farm stay.
So, we departed on the 5th of May and arrived in Taiwan at about 5pm in the evening. I made prior arrangement to have an airport transfer to the hotel for our overnight stay before going to the farm the next morning.
The top consideration for choosing the hotel was convenience because we had a young one with us, I book this hotel called the Grandee Hotel (台北官邸饭店), which is directly opposite the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市). Shopping and eating! That would be our activity for the first night.
So when we got to the hotel, what did Yining look for? The bathtub! She loves soaking in water. The hotel is well furnish, more to a boutique hotel concept. I would recommend this hotel for easy access to Shilin Night Market.

Grandee hotel
So after a quick rest, we headed out to our shopping and eating! And this is taken directly outside our hotel. I’m not exaggerating when I said it’s directly across the road. Look at the amount of people.

IMG 6454
No prizes for guessing our first stop in the night market.

Food Street!
We ordered the Taiwanese version of fried oyster (蚝仔煎),meat ball soup (贡丸汤)and squid soup(花枝羹).

Shilin food
And looks who’s enjoying.

Yining Enjoying Her Food
After the first meal, we went around to shop and explore. There were a lot of new and interesting things, not just for Yining but for Mummy and I too. The last time I travelled to Taiwan, was like 10 years ago.

Yining On My Shoulder
Yining getting a free ride. She loves sitting on my shoulder and mess with my hair.

Shilin feasting
Yining feasting again. All food rules were relaxed. Basically, anything that we let Yining try anything, as long as it’s not too overboard e.g. too oily, too heaty. I had to keep reminding Yining not to drop food onto my head. We spent about 2 hours in the night market and had to call it a day because our dear Yining was tired and wanted to sleep.
We went back to the hotel to wash up and rest in preparation for our trip on the following day to Nan Tou (南投), where we will have our home stay (民宿)at ShangriLa Hanging Gardens (清境香格里拉空中花園).

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