Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts – Final

Day 3 and also our last day at Montigo Resort. Checkout’s at 12pm so we couldn’t plan for too many things. First thing in the morning of course, is to take a dip in the private pool before we headed out for breakfast.
As usual, Yining feasting and enjoying her breakfast. In fact her appetite was so good this entire trip, I think she actually gained weight.
IMG 4499
IMG 6013
Since there was nothing much to do until checkout, we did the tourist thing – Take pictures.
IMG 4504
Can see that Yining has turned red after having so much fun in the pool for the entire 3 days.
IMG 4522
After checkout, we were ferried to Nongsa Marina where we arrived at to board the private yacht for return to Singapore.
IMG 6017
And finally, back in Singapore, Yining happily dragging her spoils from the trip.
IMG 6018
IMG 6019

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