Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts – Part 1

Mummy and I have been mulling over where we want to go to for a short break. And of course the place had to be friendly for younger kids, i.e. Yining. After reviewing a couple of places, we decided on the Montigo Resort at Nongsa, Batam.

Before the trip, we told Yining we will be going for a holiday and she could swim. Yining likes water play very much so naturally it got her so excited. Throughout the whole week before the holiday, she was asking when she can go swimming.

So finally the day came for us to go for our holiday. Yining was all ready with her gear.

IMG 4287

We made our way to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal where we checked in and waited for the yacht to ferry us to Nongsa. While waiting, we gave Yining this lollipop that supposed to keep her from getting seasick.

IMG 4316

I forgot to take a picture of the box but it can be found at Kiddy Palace.
So, after a short wait, we boarded the yacht that takes us to Nongsa directly.

IMG 4322
IMG 4325

We went up to the upper deck of the yacht which is open air. It was really windy, very comfortable despite the hot sun. And Yining continued working on her anti-seasick lollipop. Not sure whether it really helped we gave it to her anyway. Couldn’t risk her getting giddy and puking all the way to Nongsa.
And after 20 mins, we reached Nongsa Marina.

IMG 5886

There was a minivan to pick us up to ferry us to the resort from the marina.
And what was on Yining’s mind the entire journey?

IMG 5902
IMG 5904

Yup. Swimming. So we hit the pool once we hit the resort. Didn’t even have chance to do anything else.
After the swim, we tried to get Yining to take her afternoon nap, but I guess she was too hyped up and excited. So we decided to take a walk around the resort to explore the facilities, in particular the kid’s playground.
The playground was pretty interesting. They have the usual slides, ball pit etc and a few play stations with different kind of toys. 

IMG 4348
IMG 4346
Ok. This part 1 of the update. More coming over the next few days.

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