New Journey and Adventure

This was meant to be posted in earlier. Yining has since attended her new kindergarten for 3 months. 🙂

Yining started her childcare when she was slightly over 2. Now she’s 5 and she moving on to a new school from the childcare.

Over the last 3 years in childcare, Yining has grown from a fearless toddler to a young cheeky girl. Throughout these journey, Mummy and I were grateful to have the teachers at the childcare taking care of her. I must give credits to all the teachers for having such patience and love for Yining.

Miss Yong, N1
赵老师, N1
冯老师, N2

Miss Kaur, N2

林老师, K1

Miss Florence



Miss Angela

Miss Ho

Going Home
There’s also Miss Jeanie from her toddler class. Besides the love for Yining, she has also taught us a lot as parents when dealing with a toddler.

Thank you again to all the teachers. 🙂

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