Morning Walk With Yining

Not sure if it’s pure coincidence, every time I mention anything about bringing Yining to the beach, it’s bound to rain heavily.

Yesterday was a lucky day. It was bright and sunny. Mummy and me quickly packed our stuff and headed to East Coast Park.

It was Yining’s first time seeing the beach, the sea and touching sand. She was apprehensive when she set foot on the sand. I wished I captured her reaction when she saw the wave rushing towards her feet. Just too bad I was carrying her and Mummy didn’t anticipate her reactions so we didn’t get the camera ready.

As usual after the initial apprehension, Yining quickly warmed up and was happily getting her feet wet. We let her play for a short while and quickly got her into the shade because the sun was getting stronger.

It was a short trip to the beach but the little girl was already tired. Partly because her nap time is approaching. It was a great experience for Yining. She definitely liked it so we will be making our way to the beach more often to let her experience nature.

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