Morning Walk, The One Before Changi Point

After hearing from my colleagues that the Punggol Park Connector is extended all the way to the Punggol jetty, I decided to bring Yining for a walk.
There are 3 stages to our morning walk.
Stage 1:
Yining is very enthusiastic, she wants to walk on her on own. Don’t want to hold hands.
Stage 2:
She want 抱抱. Too tired after walking on her own. Refuse to come down to walk.
Stage 3:
Knock out totally. Favorite part for Mummy and me. 😛 She will sleep in the car and an hour or 2 more when we reach home. We figured this is the best way to expend her energy and get her to sleep, so we are going to do this more often. 😛

For those who are interested in visiting the place. This is the map.
IMG 2055

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