Mama Sell Blood For Snacks

Selling Blood In Progress
Okay….Just kidding. But it was an amusing encounter.  We brought Yining along to Dhoby Ghaut XChange over the weekend for blood donation. They didn’t allow children in the blood donation station, so we had Yining sitting at the refreshment area to wait.

Refreshment Area

I came out to the refreshment area first. Yining was there playing with Mama’s phone while waiting. I asked if she would like biscuits. She said yes and took 1 packet. And then she helped herself to the milo. Well, I thought, I don’t think the Blood Bank minded a kid helping herself to a bit of the refreshment, so I let her.

Enjoying Her Biscuits

Now comes the amusing part. While having the first pack of biscuit, Yining was already eyeing the only pack of chocolate biscuit left in the basket. She took it out and put it aside. I looked at her and told her that the snacks are actually for blood donors, and she shouldn’t take too much. She looked at me bewildered. I guess at that point she must have been disappointed…a minute ago, I gave her the impression that it was buffet. 😛 
Anyway, she understood after my explanation but she countered very quickly. She said it’s the last one and wanted to keep for Mama. What can I say right? So I told her it’s an exception. 
In the end, Mama didn’t want the chocolate biscuits and you know who ate it eventually. 🙂

Next time I gotta give 2 packs for more snacks. 😛

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