Long Weekend With Yining

It’s a long weekend this week! Although we bring Yining home everyday from Grandma’s place, we only spend that 2 to 3 hours with her before she sleeps. It’s only during the weekends that we get to spend more time with her. This long weekend gave us 1 extra solid day with her. It’s very important for establishing of trust and bond between us and Yining.

On Friday, we brought her to Changi Airport. I find that it’s one of the most children friendly places I can find ever since we had Yining. We had our lunch at 食在旺 (Simply Wang). Again the choice of the place is because it has ample space for us to wheel in the pram and have Yining sitting in the pram while we have our meals.
IMG 1301
IMG 1302
IMG 1308
Yining had her meal there too, but of course it’s her usual 3 hourly milk.

IMG 1311
Yining was very curious when we walked around with her in the pram, so curious she protested when we laid the pram flat for her to lie down. She wanted to sit up and see the people and the surrounding. This curious kid’s head is still not stable, so we couldn’t let her do so for a long period of time. 🙂

We spent quite a fair bit of time that day, partly because we were trying to escape the terribly hot weather outside. Yining enjoyed the aircon the most actually. She slept for a good hour or so.

On Sunday, we brought her to Liang Court after going for a baby product sale at Chai Chee. Nothing much for kids at Liang Court, but we wanted to have lunch and just have a walk, rather than just cooping her at home. And of course, Yining has to be satisfied before we can settle on our meals.

The curious baby as usual was turning her head all over the place to look at people and flashing her ‘killer smile’ at strangers who stopped to play with her.

Anyway this outing was a quick one, Mummy and me had to rest too. 🙂 It’s back to work after the long weekend. I’m looking forward to the coming weekend to spend time with Yining again.

To end this post, I present to you, Yining, The Happy Baby. Hope it makes your day. 🙂

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