Little One’s Fever

The little one was having a high fever this morning. Temperature was above 39C. Mummy and me were very anxious. I was even contemplating to send her to A&E immediately.

Anyway, we decided to give her Panadol and observe for while before rushing down to A&E. Luckily fever subsided slowly and by 7am the fever was almost gone. So as per the usual routine, we brought her to Grandma’s place.

When she reached Grandma’s place, Mummy had a new discovery – 1 more tooth coming out to the left side of Yining’s 2 lower front teeth. 🙂
So, the fever could have been caused by teething, but we are not taking chances. Grandma will observe her and we will bring her to the doctor if the fever comes back. But I hope we are right about the teething.

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