Little One’s Fever – Part II

Looks like we were wrong with the teething theory behind her fever. We visited a pediatrician on Friday and the doctor got us to do a urine dipstick test for her. The prelimary results showed traces of infection. We were told to go to the hospital for a more conclusive test.

At KKH, a full blood count and another urine test was done. First test showed positive for infection. Doctor told us that they will send the urine to the lab more a final test. If test results are positive, they would need to put Yining on antibiotics intraveneously.

The wait for the result was nerve wrecking. While going on IV is trivial for us adult, it’s very traumatic for a baby. Yining’s a brave girl, she didn’t cry or even twitch when the nurses took her blood, but IV’s a different thing altogether. I have seen babies on IV before. It’s very heartaching, especially when it’s our own baby.

The results were out about 1 hour later. The lab test showed negative for infection, but possibly a viral attack. In comparison, this was much more trivial than an infection. Both mummy and me were really relieved.

While the situation was not that bad, we still had a viral attack to deal with. Doctor said the fever would go on for another day or two until the viral attack is over. During this time, we need to monitor her temperature and general well being. We would still need to bring her back if there’s any other extraordinary situation.

Looking back, it was actually quite amusing that she stared at her finger while the nurse drew her blood. Nurse thought she would make a big fuss like other kids.

Anyway, we are still monitoring Yining’s temperature now. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Temperature is ok for now after medication. Hopefully, the fever would be totally gone by morning.

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