Legoland! We Are Back!

Our last visit to Legoland was in Dec 2012. Yining was barely 3 at that time. The trip still left a very deep impression on her despite her young age. And her greatest grouse was that she wasn’t tall enough for a lot of rides. So this year, we are bringing Yining back to Legoland. She’s now 100cm tall, so there’s going more rides for her this time round!
For this trip, we booked a night’s stay at Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour. They have this package that includes 2 x adult tickets to Legoland. And this time round, we are going in with the Ang family, which is Mummy’s Auntie. They have a younger kid Emily, 1 year older than Yining. This is where it gets interesting. Emily is Mummy’s cousin, so that makes her Yining’s 小阿姨!:)
So on the morning of 20th March, we left home at 630am. Yining has gotten her own luggage ready way before the trip. We are driving in early so that we can catch breakfast before going the hotel to collect our tickets.
Leaving For Legoland
We drove via the Tuas checkpoint. Traffic wasn’t that bad. We managed to clear the custom in less than an hour. After which, we stopped at Gelang Patah for breakfast. No pictures unfortunately. All of us were too interested with the food.
We arrived at the hotel at about 930am after having our breakfast. We are too early for check in, so I made prior arrangements to collect the Legoland tickets before check in. 
Yining and Emily
And this is Yining with her 小阿姨, Emily!
Traders Hotel has a free shuttle service to Legoland, but the earlier slots are already fully booked when I checked with them a day or 2 back. Since Legoland is not too far, we decided to drive over.
Ok, parking at Legoland. Initially, we parked in the open car park. It’s a short walking distance from the main entrance. But a friend of mine was at Legoland before us and he suggested parking at the Legoland Hotel so we shifted there. The parking rate is a flat fee of 30 MYR, double of the open car park but it’s right smack in front of the Legoland main entrance. And the car doesn’t have to be baked under the sun! Think about it, 30 MYR for 6-7 hours of parking? Worth it right?
Yining and Emily in the double stroller
We made our way into the park and got the stroller like we did the last visit. This time round I got the double stroller. It’s 50MYR while the single is 40MYR. Seriously, I would just have gotten double even if it’s just Yining alone.
Now that Yining is taller, she has more options. 
We went for the ride that she took the last visit.
Yining now and then
And this was Yining in 2012 and now in 2014.
This is now chicken feed for her.

So we upped the stake a bit – To the Junior Roller Coaster.

Here we are in the first carriage. Woo hoooo!!!….
Yining and Daddy On Roller Coaster!
Sidetrack a bit. Yining was pretty upset the last trip because she missed the rides because of her height. We told her she needed to eat a lot of vegetable in order to grow taller. And during this trip, the concept was ‘proven’. Now she’s very motivated to eat more vegetable!

Wooden horse
This was another ride Yining missed the last time, not tall enough. This time round she went on it, 1 round and that’s it. No excitement compared to the roller coaster.
We also went to the 4D cinema

Yining with 3D glasses
Yining took a while to adjust because those 3D images appeared so close, she was a bit scared. But nonetheless, she was thrilled with the effects like the snowing, splashing water etc. in the end.
And we went boating.
Yining boating
Again, this is too mild for her. And the weather was scorching hot!
Emily with her daddy
And this is Emily with her Daddy. I think we adults are more excited than the kids. No kick for them I guess. 🙂
The kids now have mind of their own. Look at how they are discussing over where to go with the map.

And finally, the must have photos before we leave Legoland.
Our Family
Our Family.
Ang Family
The Ang Family
Ok, we didn’t really leave Legoland after the photos. We went to the Legoland hotel where there are Lego for kids to play with. And also, there’s aircon!
The lift to the lobby is pretty interesting. It has disco lights……

This is the place where they can play with the Lego. There are other areas with different kinds of Lego.
Lego Pit
Finally we wrapped up the whole day at Legoland and adjourned back to the hotel for rest and dinner. 🙂 It was a great day of fun and especially so for Yining since she has Emily as companion.

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