Legoland Malaysia – Yining Was Here!

Yining has been asking us to bring her to Legoland Malaysia ever since she saw the advertisement on TV. (Yes, she’s telling us what she wants now.)
Through, we bought vouchers for a 2D1N stay at KSL Resort and tickets to Legoland.
On Day 2, we took the coach to KSL Resort. The journey was smooth, took us about an hour from the pickup point in Singapore to KSL.
And on Day 2, the coach picked us up again and sent us to Legoland at 10am. The queue to enter Legoland was long, but it didn’t take as long as we expected. We got in with less than 15 of queueing.

At Legoland Entrance
As with all the other theme parks, the first thing I went for was: a stroller.
IMG 4773
The stroller rental was RM20 for a Single and RM30 for a double. On hindsight, I should have gotten a double since it’s only RM10 more. The double could function as a trolley for all the stuff we are carry as well.
Yining Comfortable In The Stroller With Ah Yi
The highlight of Legoland, is the miniatures of various countries. And here it is, mini CBD.
Pano shot of Lego CBD
There are numerous rides in Legoland and all of them have their age and height limit.
Yining Height Check
Height check cleared, so here we go!
Yining on the ride
This ride goes and up and down at various height and speed. And again, affirming my theory, the kids are not afraid of height unless you teach them to. Yining was having hell of a great time.

We went for the ‘must-have’ ride for kids. All the kids enjoy this simple ride.
We went on for a few other rides and attractions and the last stop was at the water park. Yining got herself real wet and tired. (That was the real intention).
Yining water play
So, we ended the day at Legoland after that. It’s amazing how we can spend close to 7 hours in the theme park.
Yining having a bite before leaving Legoland
And like all kids, Yining knocked out after that, all the way to Singapore.

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