Hurray For Yining!

I have always advocated creative and independent learning for Yining. For eg. I taught her phonics and when we read books, I always ask her try to use phonics to pronounce the words instead of just reading it to her. Of course those are simple words. Afterall, she’s only 4. 

As a result Yining’s able to recognize quite a number of words despite not remebering the full spelling. Anyway the whole objective is to get her to think rather than to just spoon-feed her with information. 

So today we had an interesting session. She asked to search for “rainbow nursery rhymes” in YouTube. I guided her to spell rainbow with phonics and offered to key in the next 2 words for her. Guess what she did? She went to her bookshelf and got her Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes to refer to the next 2 words. Claps for Yining! 

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