How To Make Cupcakes (And Eat Them)

This has been on Yining’s wish list for a while. She saw videos of people making mini cupcakes on YouTube and she asked for one of these too. So I got this machine from Taobao. Cost me about $20.

Cake Maker

So we started making cakes on the Deepavali holiday.

Preparation In Progress

Here’s Yining helping in the preparation.

Testing with just 1 cake

This machine is new, so we tested with 1 to see how it will turn out. From the cake mix to what you see in the picture took us 4 mins. Pretty fast!

Everything In

For the next round we tried 5 mins. Slightly charred, but it’s ok since we are going to put icing over it.

Almost Done

And here we have our cakes.

Applying The Icing

Now we pass it on to Yining to apply the icing. She tried to use a spoon to spread the icing. It wasn’t really effective, so she ended up dipping the whole cake into the icing mixture.

Done With the Icing

And it turned out pretty well!

Sprinkling The Glitters

The next step was to apply the glitters.

Tasting The Fruit Of Labour

The final step of course is eating the cakes. All done in less than 1 hour. 🙂

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