Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts – Part 2

Day 2 of the trip. Yining woke up early. And what was the first thing on her mind? Yes. Swimming. It was about 6:30am when we hit the pool. 6:30am?! I can almost hear the old folks at home cringe in shock. Fear not, it’s actually 7:30am Singapore time. Early yes, but the water wasn’t too cold. It’s already bright and sunny there in Batam.
IMG 2336
We spent about 1 hour in the pool, refreshing for a morning. Think I need to start considering (and working harder) for a housing change. 🙂
After swimming, it’s breakfast time! 
IMG 5942
IMG 5946
Feasting and enjoying herself as usual. We took our time for breakfast. The resort serves breakfast from 6:30am to 11:00am. We had ample time to relax and enjoy breakfast at the poolside.
IMG 5948
IMG 5952
The next activity on the agenda: A shopping trip to a mall in Nagoya. And while waiting for the transport, we had a surprising encounter.
IMG 4382
According to the resort staff, we were the first people to see Tilo, the resort mascot. (We also saw the whole process of the poor chap getting stuffed into the suit). Apparently the costume just arrived. Soon after that we got onto the transport to Nagoya.
Over in Nagoya, we found A&W. They have been gone from Singapore for at least 20 years or maybe more. We relaxed the cold drink rule slightly to let Yining try the root beer float. As usual with children, they can’t get enough of the cold and sweet stuff.
IMG 5988
IMG 5992
After food, it’s shopping for a couple of hours before we headed back to the resort. And these are the loot from the shopping. Mostly Yining’s stuff. She actually chose all these herself. Cost me more almost half a million for all these, Indonese Rupiah. 🙂
IMG 4457
Guess what we did after getting back to the villa? Yes, the pool again. Yining just can’t get enough of the pool.
IMG 4403
IMG 4406
Just look at how relaxed she is. She enjoying herself to the max.
IMG 4447
IMG 4453
Day 2 ended with a late dinner. And because of the 2 swims and a full day of shopping, Yining knocked out totally that night. 🙂 

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