First School Holiday Activity 2017

Ok. School holidays are here. And this was our first activity – The Meiji Seika Sale!

It’s the last days of school for some but it’s already holidays for Yining. Lower primary gets to end 1 day earlier in Poi Ching. Since it’s a week day and school days for some, we figure it would be less crowded.

Well. It’s less crowded than the previous years. I think because it’s a weekday and also they have more counters to handle customers. The queue was less than 5 mins.

Miss Yining sprung into action the moment she reached the warehouse. I guess one can’t contain the excitement upon seeing so much chocolate on sale.

We didn’t really mean to have this as a holiday activity. It’s just that Yining said how come we didn’t bring her along when she saw some old photos of us with our buys from Meiji. Those photos were from pre-2010. Lol!

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