#Throwback – Day Out With Yining

Found this post in my draft folder. Not sure why it’s not published. This was April 2016.

——— May 2016 ———

Last Friday, Yining and I had a full day out together. The last time we had a full day out was at Baby Boss Taiwan, where we spent the whole day together. She was 4 then.

While I do send or pickup Yining for her lessons etc, it’s usually short intervals of 3 hours or so. Our trip this time round was to KidZania at Sentosa and I’m expecting to spend the whole day there.

It’s during this trip that I can see that she has grown up, more capable of taking care of herself. For instance, she can now go to toilet on her own while I wait outside. She’s now having more of her own opinions, take for example, what she wants to in Kidzania, the sequence of things, why she wanted it the way.

We had interesting conversation too while commuting since there was nothing else we can do. I’m engaging her now differently, listening to her more than having her listen to me. Sometimes she has her weird sense of logic and talking her lets me understand more of what is in her mind.

I guess we have reached another milestone in her growing up. These 6 years have passed in a flash. While I do miss her toddler years, I’m also looking forward to her growing up to be a fine young lady in the next few years to come.

We-fie at Palawan Beach


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