Artwork from Clay Works

We came across this school that teaches clay art at East Point Mall last week. They are having trial lessons so we let Yining have a try.

The folks gave us a very good introduction of their curriculum and so we decided to sign Yining up. 
The arrangement here is interesting. We can pop in anytime for the 10 sessions we sign up for. Each lesson has its curriculum and objectives so it’s not like simply an 1 hour playtime. 
So we brought Yining for her first session today. I think it’s lunch hour so she ended up in a 1 to 1 class. 
We stuck around for a while to see how thing are before we left Yining in their good hands. 
So an hour later, this is the result. 

Not bad. Teachers told me Yining’s fast and she good with this. I had a glimpse of what other kids did. Indeed Yining’s work so more refined. But then again that might have been younger kids. 
Yining enjoyed the session, likely because of the lively trainer with her. I was outside observing a couple of minutes before the lesson ended and I could see that she was having fun. I’m sure Yining’s looking forward to the next session. 🙂

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