And We Decided To Pass

Yining made it through the 2 rounds of GEP assessments and was offered a place in the programme. After considerations and multiple discussions with Yining, we decided to pass.

I must say that MOE is very passionate and serious about this. After we submitted the letter, MOE called me up to understand why we decided not to take this up. We had a good discussion and while they think that it’s better to have structured system, our wishes was respected. But I could feel the disappointment from the person who called me.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. As parents, we were worried that we might be robbing her of an opportunity, which many seem to covet. Yining is doing very well in school. But we didn’t expect her to clear the GEP assessments. We are of course proud of her for clearing the big challenge.

Yining’s own intent was not to join. We explained to her several times in depth because she didn’t really understand the implications and the commitment.

To make sure we made an informed decision, we attended the briefing sessions and spoke to the various schools. We also tried to find out as much as possible online on the experience from past cohorts. Truly, the GEP is an amazing programme, giving the kids exposure to many things beyond what their peers are experiencing. They were also given the resources to nurture the giftedness.

For us, the GEP assessments gave us a another new angle where we can nurture Yining and also to let Yining understand her capabilities. But at the end of it, we decided that perhaps we could also nurture the giftedness, out of the system. So, yes. We decided to pass.

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